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1000L Homogeneous Emusifier Manufacturers

Horizontal spiral powder mixer

1000L Homogeneous Emusifier Manufacturers1000L Homogeneous Emusifier Manufacturers1000L Homogeneous Emusifier Manufacturers

1000L Homogeneous Emusifier Manufacturers

The emulsifying mixer (top homogenizer), this agitator has the functions of emulsifying, homogenizing. It is suitable for producing emulsion or liquid viscous product. It is widely used to product medicine emulsion, ointment, liquid detergent products in the Africa markets. A lot of customers choose our machines and other equipment lines.

Product Name:1000L Homogeneous Emulsifier Manufacturers
Main potInner layer: 3mm  304 SS
Inter layer: 3mm  202 SS
Out layer:  2.5mm 304 SS
Material304 SS sheets
Mixing power4KW(0-60rpm)(with frequency converter)(Delta)
Homogeneous emulsifying motor power7.5KW(Brand:SIMENS Beide) (2900rpm)(with timer)(Delixi)
Production Capacity1000kg/hour
Automatic discharge pump motor power2.2KW(With reflux device)
Water treatment motor power0.37KW
External Dimensions2.4*2.8*3(M)
Machine Weight1100 kg
Certificates:TUV ISO GMP
Shipping:3-7 days for Stock Equipment,15-30 days lead time for customized Equipment. By Sea or air freight etc.

We have been 1000L Homogeneous Emulsifier Manufacturers for more than 10 years.
Made up of several excellent sales engineers and focused on recommending and selecting suitable products for customers.
With a good background of education, many years of experience, provide the user with equipment confirmation, system project plan and technology update and product upgrade and other services.
Conduct order tracking and execute one-to-one service to customers until the product is delivered to customers.

We promise 1 YEAR WARRANTY, during the time, we could help our client to fix the machine for free. And we ensure life-span maintenance.
We will teach our clients various product and let them become the specialist in the industry area.  
Yuanyang Machinery will arrange our engineer to go abroad and install all big machines if customer need.







1. Are you a factory or trading company?

A1: We are the factory for making the machine which used for cosmetic and food machinery.

2. Do you know Guangzhou Yuanyang Mechanical Device Co., Ltd?

A2: The well known supplier in Guangzhou with Cosmetic,paste, Cream, Powder etc.Welcome to our company for discussing more details.

3. How does your factory regard of quality control?

A3: We pay more attention to the quality control for all the machines we manufacture, please don’t worry about it.

4.What’s the guarantee if we have ordered and purchased the equipment from your factory?

A4: One year guarantee for the machines we sold, we will make the inspection of all machines before shipment.

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